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3 exclusive leisure in Barcelona

3 exclusive leisure in Barcelona

Barcelona is recognized as a global city for its cultural, financial, commercial and tourist importance. It has one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean and is also an important communications point between Spain and France, due to motorway connections and high-speed rail. If you decide to invest in the Catalan capital, you will realize that there are numerous luxury activities are waiting.

1. Travel on Mediterranean cruise

Cruceros por Barcelona
Barcelona has the largest cruise port in the Mediterranean, a permanent scale of the largest ships in the world. With a traffic of about two and a half million passengers a year just on cruise ships, this volume of visitors it the largest cruise port in the Mediterranean and the fourth worldwide. In fact, the Catalan capital, with 750 scales per year, has established itself as the leading cruise port in the Mediterranean and Europe, occupying the fourth place in the world ranking, behind only three ports Florida State-Miami, Everglades and Cabo Cañaveral.

A growing number of cruises in Barcelona:

Although this port originally did not have a wide range of luxury cruises, today Barcelona is becoming the capital of exclusive cruises and luxury. Moreover, the number of ships of small and medium size continues to increase. The cruises are renowned for their exclusive and personalized service, gastronomic excellence and the various itineraries that are organized, among other services that can be discovered once on board. The Port of Barcelona expects to receive more than 2.6 million passengers this year and may exceed 2011 figures.
It is not a scoop that Barcelona stands out for being a homeport where many operators set the start and end of their itineraries. Proof of this is that last year there were more shipments and landings were cruise traffic in the city.

The Port of Barcelona, the only Spanish port with a important cruise traffic:

The Port Authority of Barcelona is the only among the Spanish that have a significant cruise traffic, which has managed to increase its passengers during the first five months of 2016.
According to statistics of the State Ports in those five months Barcelona received 749,220 cruise passengers, 1.5% more than in the same period of 2015.

2. Driving a Ferrari at the Circuit de Catalunya

ferrarri en montmeló
The Montmelo circuit, also known as the Circuit de Catalunya, has 4.6 kilometers and a capacity for around 131,000 spectators. The circuit is 31 kilometers from the city of Barcelona and is home to major competitions such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Spain and MotoGP Grand Prix.

The sports center that lets you drive a luxury sports car:

To get to drive a Ferrari at Montmelo, the motorsports enthusiasts have at their disposal a sports center that is the envy of many people.
The Circuit de Catalunya, as mentioned, is an exceptional race track, which, each season, home to major car racing and Grand Prix motorcycle. In addition to attending these competitions as a spectator you can also enjoy a unique sporty driving experience in this professional circuit. The opportunity to live the dream of driving a supercar like a Ferrari spectacular combined with this experience as highlighted in a circuit like Catalunya in Montmelo is something that certainly has no comparison. Choose from a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche and drive the circuit.

We can assure that you will feel like a true professional driver. So if you are a lover of strong emotions, the driving experience a stunning Ferrari at the Circuit de Catalunya it is the ideal alternative for you.
If you want to experience, we share all the information here.

3. Visit the Gran Casino de Barcelona

casino barcelona

The Gran Casino de Barcelona is located in one of the most privileged areas of the city, in the Port Olimpic of Barcelona, under the two famous skyscrapers and just in front of the beach. The Casino de Barcelona, which uses the brand commercially Casino Barcelona, and located in the basement of the Hotel Arts Barcelona, was in 2014 the fourth game company in Spain in number of admissions sector. It is one of the biggest casinos in Europe and offers everything you need for an exciting night of gambling and entertainment.

A large range of highly diversified games:

The king of the gaming room is definitely poker. Its multiple offer tournaments has made Casino Barcelona in one of the most important European references. There are tournaments every day, for all ages and all levels. The offer is completed with the most important national and international competitions circuit. The Championship of Spain, the World Poker Tour, the European Poker Tour and the spectacular World Heads Up Poker Championship Barcelona are some of the major tournaments housing Casino de Barcelona throughout the season.

The Casino has all kinds of games and gaming machines, gaming tables French Roulette, American, Black Jack, Poker … and organize competitions and tournaments like the Open Barcelona Poker.
It also has all kinds of services for visitors:

A surprising cuisine:

The cuisine of Casino Barcelona is surprisingly. Four restaurants are intended to cover the full range of Mediterranean and international cuisine: La Brasserie, a large buffet of seasonal enlivened with live music; Le Gourmand, traditional and innovative ways to enjoy the luxury of haute cuisine recipes; The Terrace, with traditional dishes of Italian cuisine and Teppan-Yaki: a suggestive Japanese iron.

In addition to the two bars located in different gambling halls, Casino Café offers space until one in the morning, a wide and varied menu of succulent tapas. And to complete the day, the Discoteca Baccara, a large room where you can arrange parties and private meetings or enjoy dinner shows organized by the Casino.
It is one of the most complete in Europe, is that the Casino de Barcelona lacks nothing.
In Barcelona you will find a wide range of luxury activities. All you need now is decide which you like it the best after searching his luxury property in Font Real Estate. ☺


Salvador Font

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