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A tour for the best wine tasting in Alella

A tour for the best wine tasting in Alella

Alella is a unique land and very famous for its wines. It is located on the north coast of the city of Barcelona next to the Mediterranean Sea and only 20 minutes from the city of Barcelona. It is one of the most beautiful towns in the Maresme and one of the richest areas in Spain, which makes it an ideal place for those who want a life of luxury. A town surrounded by vineyards and with spectacular views of the sea.


Alella Wines: A Catalan Tradition

Alella wines have a long history and an important significance within Catalan viticulture. Famous since Roman times, the Alella Designation of Origin, one of the smallest in Spain, with just 600 hectares of cultivation.


It is also one of the oldest in the Iberian Peninsula and has been modernized, incorporating new techniques, cultivation and production systems, maintaining quality and its strong personality. Historically, it provided the wine that was sold in the city of Barcelona, ​​and its heyday could be indicated in the 1880s.


The characteristic wines of the Alella wineries are white, sweet or dry. Alella’s typical grape is the pansa blanca or xarel·lo (78% of the cultivation area), which gives rise to its characteristic white wines, sometimes tinged with Chardonnay (10.3% of the cultivation area) or sauvignon blanc.


The 4 best Alella wineries in Barcelona

Currently there are 9 Alella wineries that produce this wine: Serralada de Marina, Roura, Raventós d’Alella, Joaquim Batlle, Celler de Les Aus, Can Roda, Bouquet d’Alella, Alta Alella and Alella Vinícola.


In this post we want to highlight some of the best wineries in Alella to get to know the culture and wine of this beautiful region. Do you want to experience wine tourism in Alella? Go for it.


Alta Alella Winery

Alta Alella is a family winery of organic farming that comes from the 90s, which belongs to the Pujol-Busquets family. The estate houses an imposing noucentista style building and is located in the Serralada de Marina Natural Park.


Most dry white wines are made with the native Pansa Blanca (Xarel·lo) variety, famous for its contribution to the typical Spanish Cava blend.


If you want to know more about the Alta Alella Winery, visit their website to book a visit.


Can Roda

Can Roda is a manor house from 1864 located in Santa María de Martorelles that belongs to the BonaPlata family. Located in the middle of a 40-hectare farm, it is surrounded by forest and vineyards. It is a natural oasis next to the city of Barcelona located in the Sierra de Marina Natural Park.


They offer sparkling wines, white, rosé and red wines, sweets and even aperitif wines made from pansa blanca, a typical variety of the region. Can Roda stands out because they are the only ones that grow the Muscat variety with DO Alella to make a glass of pansa blanca and muscatel.


If you want to know more about the Can Roda Winery, visit their website to book a visit.


Romana Vallmora Winery

Located in the town of Teià in the Maresme. It is one of the best-preserved Roman wineries in the world, here 4 grape pressing rooms from around the 30s and 40s have been found, known in Roman times as torcularium.


The Vallmora archaeological park has an area of about 3,400 m2, which includes a testimonial vineyard and an experimental vineyard, and contains the only two reconstructions in Spain of wine presses as they were 2,000 years ago.


In this winery museum you can learn about the cultivation of the vine, the production and the marketing of wine in Roman times with a guided tour. If you want to book a visit to the Romana Vallmora Winery, visit their website.


Bouquet d’Alella Winery

A modern winery from 2010, located in the idyllic Can Boquet farmhouse from the 14th century. Founded by the Cerdà brothers, marked by the wine-making tradition inherited from Antoni Cerdà – his father – who is very present in the farmhouse and in the vineyards. They make modern and quality wines, with an image for the future. The farm has 13 hectares of surface with vines planted for more than 25 years with techniques that respect the environment.


It is produced in a limited way, organic wines with the latest technological advances from the white varieties, pansa blanca (xarel·lo) and white Garnacha and from the syrah, red Garnacha, cabernet sauvignon, merlot and Monastrell reds.


You can enjoy activities such as visits to the vineyard, organic wine tasting, breakfast and picnic among vineyards and more. If you want to book a visit to enjoy the Bouquet d’Alella Winery, visit their website.


Alella, in addition to having exquisite wines, has the most luxurious properties on the Barcelona coast. Houses with more than 700 square meters with pools and wonderful views, farms with hotel licenses, farmhouses and much more. If you are interested in living in Alella or living on the Costa del Maresme, do not hesitate to review the properties that we have available.


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