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Castles in Barcelona

Castles in Barcelona

The 5 Most Beautiful Castles in Barcelona

If you are a castle lover and all the stories that surround them, here we show you a selection of the 5 castles in Barcelona that you can absolutely not miss. 

From medieval castles of the 10th century to castles of the 20th century, some of which are intact, others with reconstructions, and others that are now part of a family residence. You will also find a recommendation about how to access each of the castles.

Montjuïc Castle

The first building of this castle dates back to the 17th century with construction in the form of a watchtower. At the end of this century, it served as a fortress in the succession war to the throne between Philip V of Bourbon and Charles III Archduke of Austria. Later, in 1799, the works were completed to give the castle the form we know today.

In the 19th century, it became a center of reclusion for anarchists, trade unionists, and revolutionaries in the revolutionary struggles during the regency of Espartero. In the 20th century, during the Spanish Civil War, its main function was as a prison.

Montjuïc’s Castle is located on the Mountain of Montjuïc about 5 km from the city of Barcelona. To get to the castle you can do it by different ways of transport. By car, there is parking near the castle, if you go by bus take line 150 on Miramar Avenue. If you like to walk and hike on the mountain, we recommend you make the way on foot, it would take you about 50 minutes walking. Another option is to do it by ropeway, perhaps the most fun and original way to get up to the castle.

There are many activities for the whole family to enjoy at the castle. Although you have to buy tickets to enter the castle, sometimes there are games for children, free open days and concerts. It is very well worth keeping an eye on the Montjuïc castle’s website to enjoy its offers.

Once inside the castle, you will be able to take a tour where you will find:

  • Access bridge and facade, neoclassical style.
  • The bastions: The castle of Montjuïc has four bastions, pentagonal architectural elements, which served to resist enemy attacks.
  • Parade ground: open quadrangular space in the highest part of the castle, where the outbuildings are located.
  • Terrace: Open space that allows a spectacular view of the city of Barcelona.
  • Watchtower: Square tower remaining from the old watchtower.
  • Sea wall: 155-meter wall facing the sea.
  • The Moat: Trench in the form of a valley that surrounds the entire monument. 
  • Hornabeque and ravelin: Exterior defensive fortification that separates the first and second enclosure that separates the castle.
  • Lunettes of sea and land: Square-shaped building that serves as a continuation of the bastion.
  • Covered walkway: A corridor surrounding the fortification.

Tibidabo Castle

This neo-gothic castle is part of the oldest amusement park in Barcelona. Located on the mountain of Tibidabo, on the highest peak of the Sierra de Collserola. It is a work by the architects Enrich Sagnier and Villavecchia. It is in fact a temple, the exploratory Temple of the Sacred Heart built-in 1902, which is formed by an interior crypt and a church on the upper exterior level. One of the most important parts of this castle-shaped church is the sculpture of the Sacred Heart, which crowns the church. Thanks to its privileged position, this castle can be seen from any point in Barcelona.

If you want to access Tibidabo Park, you have several options. You can choose the option that you find most comfortable and best suits your possibilities. There are three ways to access the park:

  • By Tibidabo Funicular: 
    • Take bus 196 at Tibidabo Ave.
    • Get off at Tibidabo Ave. 81
    • Get on the funicular. It will leave you a few meters to the park.
  • Tibibus (T2A): The bus leaves from Plaza Cataluña and ends its route at the park.
  • Tourist bus: With a stop at Tibidabo Ave., once there take the blue streetcar characteristic of the park.

A visit to Tibidabo Park is an activity that can be enjoyed by all ages, from families, kids, teenagers, and adults. It presents a variety of fun and exciting attractions where you can enjoy a very endearing experience.

Outside the attractions area, there is a temple in the shape of a castle, its architecture is incredible and full of small details that make it unique and incomparable. If you want to visit the church, the entrance is free.

Cartoixa Castell or Cartoixa de Vallparadis

Gothic-style castle, located in the town of Terrassa, 23 km from Barcelona. The first construction of the castle dates from the early 12th century, as the residence of the feudal lord Berenguer Sanlà. In 1345, Blanca de Centelles transferred her domains in Vallparadis to a religious order, so the castle became a monastery. 

In 1413 the Carmelites of the Hospital de la Santa Creu in Barcelona have taken over the castle. It was in 1944 when the castle was declared a historical monument.

It is currently a municipal art museum that hosts temporary exhibitions and maintains a permanent collection on the history of Terrasa. Among the type of items on display are Architecture, Art, Decoration’s Art, Ethnology, and Numismatics.

Access to the castle can be made by car, train, suburban train, or bus.

  • Car: Highway C-58, C-16 exit Terrassa Center. Approximately 45 min.
  • Train: Catalunya Rodalies service, line S1- Terrassa. Approximately 1h 30 min.
  • Suburban Train: Renfe, line 4, Terrassa station.
  • Bus: TMESA L6, L10, L11 (Cartoixa de Vallparadís), L3, L7 (Creu Gran).

St.Florentina’s Castle

St.Florentina’s Castle is an amazing dream castle, one of those that you imagine full of stories of princesses, heroes, villains, witches, and kings. It is located in Canet de Mar and dates back to the 11th century. It is a medieval building built on an ancient Roman Domus. Ferrer de Canet had the permission to fortify the house with two towers of medieval structure, which served to protect the castle from the vandals.

Once you enter the castle, you will see, first of all, a stone arch that leads to a large medieval courtyard. It is a castle made up of many halls, rooms, corridors, and a huge throne room, incredible, not only for its size but also for its decoration.

As a curiosity, this castle was used to film an episode in the series Game of Thrones. It was the castle that was used to recreate the house of the Tarly family (Sam’s family). If you wish to visit the castle, it is open every day except Mondays, Sundays and holidays. The visit only includes a part of the castle, since the other part is owned by a private residence.

Canet de Mar is located 47 km away from Barcelona and can be reached by highways B-20 and C-32, and it will take about 50 min. You can also use public transportation, bus or train although with several transfers, so we recommend using the car.

St.Martin Sarroca Castle

It is a castle located in the high Penedès, on top of the hill of the Rock, formed by the church and the monumental complex of the Rock. Built-in the 10th century by Galì of Santmartì, it served as a point of surveillance and protection of its inhabitants. The building has been remodeled over time. It is located 63 km away from the city of Barcelona.  The castle is composed of the following spaces:

  • North wing and facade decorated with Romanesque and Gothic windows.
  • The Nave at Noon, built later, in the 16th century.
  • Circular towers from the 12th century.
  • Municipal Museum with pieces from the pre-Roman period.

At the beginning of the 18th century, the castle was used as a military resistance core against Philip V’s troops.  During the Civil War of 1872, the church was used as a military barracks and the castle was burned, leaving only ruins in its shadow. In 1963 Pepet Teixidor and Luis Pujadó promoted the reconstruction of the castle.

Nowadays the castle is listed as a national historic-artistic monument.

If you are coming from Barcelona, this castle is located 60 km from the city. To access the castle you can do it by car through the AP-7 highway.

Did you enjoy our selection of castles in the province of Barcelona? Discover more exclusive plans in Barcelona.


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