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Best Jewelry Stores in Barcelona: looking for the perfect ‘jewel’

Best Jewelry Stores in Barcelona: looking for the perfect ‘jewel’

Giving a gift is not always so easy. In some cases, this is because we want to have a positive and unforgettable impact on the person who receives it, and we find it difficult to get the details that allow us to achieve this goal. In other cases, it is because we do not know the person very well, and we do not know how to get what we want to give. The truth is that a piece of jewelry is always a great opportunity to make a big impact.

Whether you are looking for unique pieces that you will always wear, or if you are looking for something contemporary that brings a breath of fresh air to your closet, these jewelry stores in Barcelona are the iconic places to buy jewelry and gemstones in the city.

5 jewelry stores in Barcelona

This magical city is also home to many incredible jewelry stores, here is a list of the most renowned ones:

Rabat Jewelry

If you want a unique piece of jewelry or a special gem to give as a gift for a special engagement, here you will find the ideal piece.  Each Rabat store has an exhibition of jewelry and watches with personality, and they are selected exclusively in a “chic and relaxed” atmosphere. They have been winners of the award for the best national jewelry in Vogue.

Bagués Masriera

It is probably the oldest jewelry store in Barcelona: Founded in 1837, it is also one of the few jewelry stores in Europe with more than 250 years old. It is the only continuously produced Modernist jewelry brand in the world. The family started as silversmiths and then moved into the fascinating world of jewelry, but it was not until the third generation that Lluís Masriera introduced the beautiful Art Nouveau designs for which they were to become famous. In 1985, they partnered with another traditional family of local jewelers: the Bagués.

Tomás Colomer Jewelry

They have been jewelers since 1870. The physical store was opened 150 years ago by Tomás Colomer, a jeweler who had a great passion for fine jewelry and watches. They have a master watchmaker trained in Switzerland and Spain, as well as their own jeweler. You can find fine watchmaking of the top brands, diamond or ruby rings, bracelets with sapphires, or white gold earrings among other pieces with materials of the highest quality.

Clemència Peris

They are creators of unique designs in Barcelona since 1979. It is an artisan jewelry that receives great prestige and renown for the perfection of its pieces due to its savoir-faire and family atmosphere. In this store, you will find the most exclusive gold and diamond pieces. It is the ideal place if you are looking for originality.

Suárez Jewelry

Suarez is a Spanish jewelry firm. They are characterized by creating designs with great technical complexity, obtaining high-quality personalized jewelry. It has had ambassadors of the stature of Sofia of Habsburg, Isabel Preysler, or Adriana Abascal.  The Spanish Royal House chose it to design and produce the wedding rings of the current King and Queen of Spain, Felipe and Letizia. In addition to engagement rings, among his creations; watches, earrings, or rings inspired by nature, Art Deco or Frida Kahlo, and designed to be worn 24 hours a day.

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Choose the right jewelry: Best Tips

The jewelry you wear expresses your style. For many, jewelry transcends even style and becomes part of their identity, a representation of their unique personality. But when you’re looking for a durable piece, you have to know what you’re buying. How can you tell if your emerald ring has the right clarity and sparkle? Do you know how to distinguish gemstones? What’s the difference in quality between different types of gold? Here are some tips from experts in the field:

Recognize metals

You probably already have an idea of what color metal you prefer, but there are many ways to enhance and color metal.

  • Silver: Sterling silver jewelry has a wonderful white luster. It can be polished to a nice shine. However, silver tarnishes when exposed to air over time. Some silver jewelry has oxidized details or an overall oxidized finish that gives it a blackened, rustic look.
  • Gold: Gold jewelry is prized for its classic beauty. Pure gold is 24 karat. 14 karat gold has 14 parts gold and 10 parts alloy. Eighteen-karat gold has 18 parts gold and six parts alloy. All gold is yellow when it comes from the earth, however, gold is alloyed to make it stronger and, in some cases, to change its color.
    White gold is alloyed with nickel, silver, or palladium to change the color. Most white gold is also rhodium plated to produce a crisp, white finish.
  • Platinum: Platinum is an extremely dense white metal. When used in jewelry, platinum is the purest precious metal. It is a heavy metal, making it more expensive than gold. As with all precious metals, it becomes dull with wear and can be revived with a high polish.
    Ask for care instructions for jewelry

Almost all gemstones have been treated. You should know if (and how) your gemstone has been treated because this can affect the care of your fine jewelry. A common permanent treatment is heat. This treatment has been used for centuries to enhance color saturation. Therefore, heated gems usually have much more vibrant color and clarity than unheated gems.

Make sure about the settings

Crimping contributes to the design of a piece of jewelry. The setting should not only be pleasing to the eye but should also keep the gemstone safe and secure. Check that the setting is well done: the piece should be smooth, with no sharp edges or roughness. The prongs should face downward, touching the surface of the gemstones. The bezel setting, which is a metal frame around the gemstone, should be uniform in width, smooth and symmetrical.

Shop at a trustworthy jewelry store

Buying from a reputable jewelry store means you are buying fine jewelry that has been sourced and created with high quality in mind. It also means you can trust your jeweler to reveal treatments and provide you with gemstone reports, so you understand the true value of your gemstone (and how to make it last).


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