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Here at Font Real Estate, we specialize in luxury properties and we will help you to find your dream home within our on-sale homes in Maresme, available in our portfolio. Buying a house in the municipality of Maresme is a life-changing decision and thanks to our broad experience we will make it an excellent one.

The region of Maresme in Catalonia is an area of indisputable beauty, where luxury is defined by the unique combination between its beaches and mountains. Living in the Maresme means choosing the tranquility and the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, with an amazing weather during the whole year, in an unbeatable location, being situated between the paradisiac Costa Brava and the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona.

Discover our luxury homes on-sale on the exclusive coast of the Maresme, one of the most beautiful areas in Spain.

Luxury homes for sale in Maresme

Our luxury homes on-sale in Maresme are exclusive properties, designed up until the very last detail. At Maresme’s coast, the landscape and its light are the main characters and that is the notion that you will find in our luxury villas and houses available in our catalogue.

Counting with sea views, huge ornamental gardens, designers’ pools, both interior and exterior, our properties are defined by affluence. You will find modern villas and luxuriant houses, with a privileged architecture facing the sea and the sunlight, recently built with the best materials available on the market and top-quality finishes.

Situated in the localities of Sant Andreu de Llavaneres and Sant Vicenç de Montalt, among others, our luxury homes are ideal for a comfortable family life or for receiving as many guests as pleased. Counting with wide and bright lounge rooms that perfectly allow various people to coexist, while guaranteeing a large number of environments defined by privacy and calmness, including modern studios, complete game pavilions, gyms, movie theater and so much more.

All of our luxury houses in Maresme have more than a thousand square meters built, on lands that exceed 2500 m2. In our properties you will find luxury to the very last detail, since they have: multiple bathrooms, suites that exceed all dreams, modern lounges with fireplaces and sea views, kitchens with avant-garde equipment, all rooms have exterior views, making the most of the exclusive locations and the landscape of sea, mountains and forest.

Supermaresme, the quintessential area of ​​luxury homes in Maresme

In this area of ​​Barcelona’s coast, ​​the Supermaresme stands out, as it is an area with the best luxury houses in all of the Maresme. Located in the towns of Sant Vicenç de Montalt and Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, Supermaresme may be the area you are looking for to start a life defined by the sea, the mountains, the forests, while living in the most absolute wealth and comfort.

In Supermaresme, we have high-end houses that meet all the requirements that you have for an excellent luxury home and living in them is a marvelous, life-changing decision.

At Font Real Estate, our commitment is to the needs of our clients. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will begin to dedicate our experience, of more than 15 years in the luxury properties sector, to the service of your dreams in order to make the purchase of the luxury home that will exceed all your expectations.


Our commitment is to solve all your questions and accompany you to find the ideal luxury home in Maresme.

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