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Costa Brava Experience: Roses

Roses is a wonderful town in Alt Empordà, in the province of Girona. Very attractive for tourists and investors, Roses has many interesting places to visit and beautiful landscapes.

You can access Cap de Creus Natural Park to admire its protected species and beautiful views, or simply enjoy its beauty walking and visiting the many points of interest in the area. Roses is fascinating especially from its historical point of view, and many traces of the past are still preserved in its landscapes.

Prehistoric sites

There are several Neolithic constructions such as dolmens and menhirs near Roses that are of common interest. According to historians and archaeologists, they are funerary monuments of the time. Even the most spiritual minds report that they contain a lot of energy. Other theories see in it the proof that aliens visited Earth when man began to take his first steps. Leaving aside the beliefs or truths of the facts, it is still a fascinating place to visit.

Visigoth camp

Part of the Nation’s Cultural Heritage, the Visigothic castrum of Roses is amazingly well preserved and built with much more care compared to other Visigoth fortifications in our country. It was built between 650 and 700 and can be accessed freely throughout the year.

Roses Citadel

You can admire the ruins of the fortifications that began to be built in 1543 to protect the city from potential attacks. Remains of the Hellenic and Visigoth culture have been found throughout this fortified area over the years. All this is also part of the Cultural Heritage of the Nation.

It is a very quiet place, where you can enjoy a pleasant walk or read a book while enjoying the breathtaking scenery and silence. Roses is cultural and historical heritage. Roses is the ideal place to find the house of your dreams. A place to live away from big cities.

To find out more about Roses, the best way is to go personally and not let them tell you.


Salvador Font

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