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Dans le Noir? Restaurant experience

Dans le Noir? Restaurant experience

Dans le Noir? is an international chain of restaurant whose concept exists in only 5 cities in the world. The name says it all, the experience consists of eating a dinner in the dark. To help you find your table and everything you need, the waiters are blind. As they are used to move, walk, and live without seeing anything, there is a reversal of the situation, and they become your guides.

In Barcelona, Dans le Noir? is located in the Paseo Picasso.

More than a dinner, an experience.

Eating in the dark enable your other senses to take over, making the tasting very different. When sight does not interfere, superficial aspects such as presentation or color do not take part in our judgement, only taste, smell and touch are used, so we can focus on these senses and rediscover the savors we thought we knew.

dans le noir restaurant experience

Moreover, the restaurant proposes only one service per night (two on weekends), so all the customers arrive at the same time. The same phenomenon as for food takes place for the people: when you can’t see people around you, you can’t judge them based on their appearance, and neither can they. There is no reason to be shy as none can see you or know who you are, and being invisible or anonymous means there can’t be any consequences to our actions on our reputation. All this leads to a sensation of freedom, and as you are living an uncommon experience together, you tend to want to share your feeling with others, therefore it is very usual to talk to strangers in this restaurant.

The dinner

The restaurant propose three different menus, and wine and tapas tasting. You can’t choose the dishes, otherwise you would know what they look like and the experience wouldn’t be complete. The playful part in this experiment lies in the guessing of what you are eating. Wine degustation can be surprising because most people can’t distinguish a red wine from a white one without seeing it.

After dinner, you will discover what was on the menu and share about it with your darkness companions.

Close your eyes and rediscover savors while sharing freely with strangers without physical prejudices!

Try the experience

For more information about Dans le Noir? Barcelona, you can visit the official website.


Salvador Font

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