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Food and Wine Tours in Empordà and Costa Brava

Food and Wine Tours in Empordà and Costa Brava

To discover Catalan traditional cuisine and wine, there is nothing better than a food and wine tour in the regions of Empordà and Costa Brava. Cava, fuet, escalivada, suquet de peix… Taste these Catalan treasures while enjoying the dazzling views of Costa Brava and the countryside landscapes of Empordà.

There are various companies proposing different features, here are some of the many activities you can do when booking a full day food and wine tour in Empordà and Costa Brava.


Most of the companies propose to start the tour in the morning. They will usually offer to take you from your accommodation or a meeting point in Barcelona before going to the countryside and have a Catalan breakfast together. Then you will visit cellars and vineyards, and have a lunch in a good Catalan restaurant. Very often, private tours are available for groups from 2 people.

Catalan gastronomy

Thanks to your local guide, you can discover places to which you would never have been by yourself, and that most tourist guides and websites don’t know at all. Forget about the restaurants crowded with tourists, and try an authentic vision of the region.

Special features

Wine route Empordà

Depending on which company you will choose, you may be able to attend cooking classes, to have a picnic among vineyards, or to enjoy guided visits with winemakers to enable you to ask them your questions.

The advantage of cooking classes is to become an actor of cuisine instead of remaining a simple consumer, and to be able, not only to do it yourself, but also to understand the utility and the science of mixing different savors together.

Picnicking in the vineyards can seem like a picturesque scene from a romantic movie. The wonderful landscape may actually inspire you romantic ideas, imagine how nice it can be to have the impression to be in a master painting.

Dalí Museum

You also have the possibility to choose a tour proposing visits of the most emblematic places such as Dalí House-Museum, the gorgeous Cap de Creus Natural Park, fishing villages, churches… Learn about history, anecdotes, and culture in a relaxed atmosphere.

It can be very interesting to do your journey through gastronomy while learning about culture and history, first because it is fascinating to understand the evolution of a culture, and second because it has a great impact on cuisine.

Discover Catalonia’s gastronomy!


Salvador Font

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