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Real Estate investment in luxury homes is concentrated in Barcelona

Real Estate investment in luxury homes is concentrated in Barcelona

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Luxury flats continue to be one of the main demands of the residential market in Spain for both residents and investors. A segment in which luxury housing in Barcelona has a lot to say in real estate offer.

After the crisis of the real estate in Spain, the reactivation of the luxury real estate is a reality and shows no signs of stopping in the coming years.
One of the most tempting offers for buyers is the Mediterranean coast, which has exclusive properties mostly distributed in Barcelona and the Costa Brava area, where Font Real Estate has a wide range of properties.
We can affirm for this reason that luxury housing in the most sought-after areas of the Catalan capital has the interest of residents and investors, both national and foreign.

The investor takes almost half of the sales

Almost half of luxury properties operations have an investor behind. Specifically 45% of the total, according to Barnes Int.
For this type of investors, the luxury real estate market is a real refuge value with high profitability.

The luxury real estate market consolidates

Interest in buying properties in Spain continues to rise. While the sale of properties to foreign investors continues to rise, the high-end segment doesn’t lose its appeal. Specifically, the demand for luxury properties has increased by 50% in Spain.
We are facing great news, both for the activity and for the revaluation of real estate.

The sale of properties to foreigners increases by 13%

During the first months of 2017, the buying and selling of properties by foreign clients rose again by 13.4% compared to last year. (some 50,087 sales transactions). This is 13.45 more than in the first half of 2016.
In this way, the sale of properties to foreigners accounts for almost a fifth of the transactions carried out according to studies.
the client from the United Kingdom continues to lead the sale of properties to foreigners, followed by French, Germans, Italians, respectively.

Foreign investment: key to the growth of the real estate sector

We are coming to the end of 2017 and we can say that it has been a good year for the real estate sector of luxury properties.
The recovery of the sector has had a lot to do with the foreign investor, who has shown interest in the Spanish market. An interest conditioned by low prices and by the tourist qualities of our country.
From Font Real Estate we continue to offer a wide range of luxury properties in Barcelona and high standing areas of Barcelona, as well as magnificent properties in the Costa Brava and Empordà area.


Salvador Font

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