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Reasons to invest in Barcelona

Reasons to invest in Barcelona

Barcelona attracts foreign buyers for many reasons. The low prices due to 2008 crisis, the Mediterranean weather that makes you feel like you were in holidays all year long, are part of these reasons. But there are many others that we will explain to you.

Reasons to invest in Barcelona

First European city with the best quality of life

It is hard to define a population’s quality of life in an objective way. The most commonly used measure is the Human Development Index (HDI) which takes different factors into account: life expectancy, education and standard of living.

First European cities in cruises passengers and 6th most tourist city in Europe

With 2,6 million cruise travelers in 2013, Barcelona reaches the top of the European ranking. However, cruise passengers are not the most useful tourists for an economy: they usually stay a few hours in the city and want to see as much of the city as possible in a short period of time so they don’t spend much in restaurants or museums like other tourists do.

Barcelona Airport El Prat handled more than 35 million passengers in 2014, one of the 10 best in Europe.

Fourth Smart City in Europe and 7th with the best perspectives for the future

A smart city is called this name because of different factors:

  • Consideration for the environment: sustainability-certified buildings (with tools to measure the consumption of electric energy for example), management of energy (amount of energy derived from renewable sources, carbon footprint…), sustainable urban planning
  • Efficiency of mobility : clean-energy transport, public transport, access to real-time information
  • Government: online services (government services that can be accessed by citizens…), infrastructure (Wi-Fi coverage…), and open government (open data, mobile apps…)
  • Economy: entrepreneurship and innovation (new startups…), productivity (Gross Regional Product per capita), local and global connections (exports, international events…)
  • People: inclusion (internet-connected households…), education (university graduates…), creativity (creative industry jobs…)
  • Living: culture and well-being (life conditions…), safety (crime prevention…), health (life expectancy…)

Fifth City in Europe in scientific production

To measure scientific productions, different productions are taken into account: books, scientific and divulgation papers, psychological intervention materials, psychosocial intervention, social knowledge appropriation, participation in academic and social events among others.

Two great Business Schools

Indeed, IESE and ESADE are among the top 10 business schools in Europe.

World capital in mobile telephony

Barcelona is the headquarters of the Mobile World Congress which brings more than 90 000 professionals each year.

If you hesitate in investing in Barcelona, these elements could help you in making your decision.


Salvador Font

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