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‘Slow deco’: How Can it Transform Your Home?

‘Slow deco’: How Can it Transform Your Home?

If we thought that all decorative styles were defined, we were wrong. Every day we must be aware of the latest trends in the world of interior decoration because they do not stop creating new trends, and that is how the slow deco style was born recently.

Being surrounded by a slow space makes us reconnect with the essential needs, so you can live every moment more slowly and, ultimately, you can feel better. The goal of Slow Deco is to create an environment that facilitates the elimination of stress.

What is slow life?

Slow life’ literally means slow life. It is a philosophy of life, a way of understanding the world around us, and a way of living day by day.

It advocates slowing down as a way of life. Enjoying every action, every moment, and every person, slowing down the pace in different areas of life: in personal relationships, at work, at leisure, in food, in sport, etc.

One of the slow deco keys is to find open spaces that facilitate daily uses. For example, the kitchen, living room, and dining room should be in open spaces.

What is the slow life philosophy all about?

Living slowly, unhurriedly, and unhurriedly is possible with this lifestyle. In 1986 food critic Carlo Petrini, who inspired the international Slow Food movement, started a rebellion when McDonald’s opened at the foot of the Spanish Steps in Rome. Thus was born the foundation, founded by Petrini and a group of activists to defend good gastronomy and traditional food. This philosophy soon spread to other spheres and ended up covering aspects such as work, sex, leisure, and life in general.

If you feel that everything is going too fast, and you are missing quality time with your family, you feel that work and obligations are absorbing your life, social networks are saturating you, and you don’t know where to start a change, here are some ideas!

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Slow decoration: 7 key factors

Organic color palette

The color palette between earth tones, whites, and neutrals, are those that are most related to tranquility. Combine gray with beige and some shades of green or blue but always in its softer version. They will give a little touch of light to your rooms, providing a sense of calm. Another ally is blue, which brings tranquility, relaxation, and empathy, making it a color that fits perfectly with slow deco.

Natural materials

Do not use columns or metallic pieces and everything related to industrial style. The materials should be related to nature to be able to feel it. Pine or marble for floors and furniture are materials that fit perfectly in this environment. Regarding home textiles, fibers such as linen or organic materials are ideal.

Open spaces

Communicating spaces give a greater sense of spaciousness and openness, and that causes greater relaxation. The idea is to avoid high furniture and unnecessary partitions. The harmony offered by communicating spaces gives a more relaxed feeling.

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Natural light and fire

Natural light has a lot to do with the feeling of peace and happiness that a space generates. Large windows let in light. Warm lights are ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere and fire is relaxing, almost hypnotic. In the absence of a fireplace, use a candle decoration.

Views and plants

The larger the windows, the better. And if they connect with a green area, it is incredible. The connection with nature brings peace and quiet. It invites us to pause and calm down from our hectic daily routine. That’s why you should make plants part of the decor.

Very few finishes and decorations

Slow deco is based on the idea that less is more. Simplicity and neatness. The decoration of a home that breathes calm should be decorated with only the necessary pieces. The house breathes calm because it feels calm and tidy.

The “clutter” effect

The environment at home should feel and look organized, but it doesn’t have to be completely rigid. The lack of rigidity makes the space conducive to relaxation. That is, it is not necessary for the cushions to be perfectly placed or the books to be organized in the bookcase by size in a rigorous manner. What we are looking for is perfect imperfection.

Remember that having a slow decoration at home is just a small part of a lifestyle that invites you to reflect on the present. Now, it’s up to you to enjoy it. Are you up for it?


Salvador Font

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