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Barcelona will once again become the international headquarters of smart cities, and from November 15th to 17th will be organized in Barcelona Smart City Expo World Congress 2016.
The event par excellence that the promoters of sustainable cities expect.

Barcelona, a worldwide smart city.

The Smart City Expo World Congress has a clear objective, the exchange of experiences and the impulse of joint initiatives between the participating cities in Barcelona.
Nearly 500 cities around the world will gather at the Smart City Expo World Congress to address different challenges in urban transformation to ensure the sustainability of our society and which should be implemented.
The issue of sustainability is an aspect that should be increasingly taken into account. Cities responsible for the environment to create a more aware society.
There will be conferences, focus group or sessions with more than 400 speakers of international prestige and representatives of all cities represented in the SCEWC 16.
The Smart City Expo World Congress aims to fuse ideas with technology, urbanism, mobility, energy efficiency among other aspects to build the foundations of Smart cities.

Cities for citizens

smart city world congress barcelona
One of the highlights of the congress program is the 2nd edition of Smart City Hack

Whose main mission is to create a global network of Smart cities to address shared concerns. It aims to focus more responsibilities on the citizens themselves to improve the international urban scene.
Urban mobility, tourism, emissions … among other aspects to take into account.
Another activity that we can highlight is the Startup4cities. An initiative that seeks to promote and encourage entrepreneurship to solve the new challenges of Smart cities.
You can check the entire Smart City Expo world congress program here.
And here all schedules.
In this edition 2016, will review the initiatives already implemented at the different countries and aims to raise awareness even more of the citizens themselves so that they themselves are the maximum promoters of Smart cities.
The future is here. And Barcelona, as always, is one of the most conscious cities for it.


Salvador Font

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