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Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona

Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona

From 17 to 19 November, the fifth edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress will take place in Barcelona, proposing new solutions for future problems related to urban growth in topics as much discussed as: intelligent society, technology, governance, energy, mobility and the sustainable city.
Come and discover the city of tomorrow

Smart City Expo Barcelona

Sustainability – Smart city

Smart City
With the world’s population, growing urbanization, our limited resources and climate change, we need to find solutions to live more sustainably in the energy and pollution sectors.
Renewable energy, energy and food production and storage, a smart grid, green buildings and new regulations on energy trade are all coming together to find ways to create a sustainable way of life.

Technology – Smart city

Smart City Technology
Technology has significantly changed our daily lives in several ways. Social networks and the Internet provide us with easier access to mobility, communication and information. Tomorrow, technology will have to handle this enormous amount of data to improve the organization, infrastructure and social and economic development of cities in a global vision so that all citizens benefit from these improvements.
The solutions proposed at Smart City Expo will be related to the global vision, applications and new machines to improve our daily life, mobility and infrastructures.

Society – Smart city

Smart city society
A smart city also needs a smart and responsible society. The aim is to establish the citizen in the heart of the city and make him/her contribute and take initiatives in the creation of a more sustainable city with a better quality of life. The actor and beneficiary of these improvements, the citizen, will be fully part of the intelligent city and of the creation of greater social cohesion.
Discover innovations in the field of public safety, equity, citizen empowerment, social welfare, creativity and collaboration.

Mobility – Smart city

Smart city mobility
The technological improvement of public transport (data, shared services in real time …) requires a reduction in car use and CO2 emissions. Electric vehicles, structures to encourage and facilitate the use of bicycles in the city, cities more adapted to pedestrian construction, these are the challenges that the citizen has to face to create the ideal city of the future for a more pleasant life in urban areas.
Several exhibitors are addressing these issues in creative and innovative ways.

Governance – Smart city

Proposals of ideas for a more transparent government, in which data is represented in an open access to citizens to be informed in real time. The points in this section focus on municipal and regional government with the ability of citizens to participate and influence decisions in a more democratic way.
Equality and responsible society, these are the issues that will be addressed to create the intelligent world of tomorrow.
If you are concerned about our future and want to discover very interesting proposals to solve current and future problems, do not hesitate and visit the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona.

For more information, you can visit the official website of the Smart City Expo.


Salvador Font

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