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The 43rd Conde de Godó Sailing Trophy returns to Barcelona

The 43rd Conde de Godó Sailing Trophy returns to Barcelona

The international prestige of Barcelona’s water sports with the 43º Sailing Trophy Conde de Godó.
Trofeo de vela conde de Godó
The Real Club Nautico de Barcelona (RCNB), the Spanish yacht club located in Barcelona that was founded in 1876, will host the 43 sailing trophy Conde de Godó from Friday 3 to Sunday 5 June 2016.
Sailing Trophy Conde de Godó is celebrate every year in the Catalan capital. A regatta boats gathering several European and international countries to compete in a race. This sport and social appointment is one of the most prestigious sailing competitions of the national calendar.
Discover and knows all the news of this edition:

The international nautical sports meeting par excellence meets in Barcelona

Up to 60 boats representing nine countries are participating in the great race organized by the Real Club Náutico de Barcelona. You will be able to admire the best ORC cruise ships and J80 monotypes.
This Barcelona race is the first to be held in the Iberian peninsula for ORC cruises.

For the event,  two racing areas off the coast of Barcelona will be available, ​​one for J80 monotypes (with 15 teams) and the other for the three fleets cruise ORC (with 45 teams) expecting to have: ORC 0-1, ORC 2 and ORC 3-4.

The races of the 43rd Conde de Godó Sailing Trophy will be held over three days, from Friday 3 to Sunday 5, with a total of eight trials in program for ORC and nine for J80.
The nine countries represented in this competition are the United States, France, Finland, Italy, Peru, United Kingdom, Russia, Switzerland and Spain.

On Thursday June 2, the event opening day, it will go to the registration of participants and the other technical preparations while the awards ceremony will be on Sunday June 5 at the village of Conde de Godo sailing trophy.

This Trophy is organized by the Real Club Nautico de Barcelona but with the collaboration of the Real Federación Española de Vela and the Federació Catalana de Vela.
In addition, the event will be sponsorized by La Vanguardia, Barcelona City Council and the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Participating teams of this 43rd edition

fyord conde godo vela
Among the cruises present in this 43rd edition, some of the winners of last year will be present, as the Rats Fire from Catalonia (ORC 0), the Extreme Ways of United States (ORC 2), the Airlan-Aermec from Mallorca (ORC 3) and Nautica Watches from Catalonia (J80), who have signed up to defend the title.
This sports event is of a cultural and social importance for the city of Barcelona. In addition, the Conde de Godo Sailing Trophy is the most representative Cruise nationwideproof that always has an enrollment of luxury and with the participation of the best teams. Thus, the nautical life in Barcelona is characterized by the organization of elite sports competitions make her look internationally.

The 43rd Conde de Godó Sailing Trophy raises Barcelona as an European nautical epicenter. It represents an unique opportunity for lovers of the sector and sea.

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