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The route of vegan restaurants in Barcelona

The route of vegan restaurants in Barcelona

The cosmopolitan city of Barcelona is one of the favourites of the most epicurean clients of all tastes and flavours. In previous posts we have talked about the 5 most exclusive restaurants in Barcelona or the best places to celebrate with a Gin Tonic in Barcelona. Today, in the city of Barcelona you can find a large number of options including those who have opted for a vegetarian or vegan diet, dispensing with foods of animal origin and their derivatives. They are healthy meals and foods grown in ecological ways.


Living in Barcelona is the possibility of having a range of infinite possibilities adapted for all tastes.


Best vegan and vegetarian restaurants

Eating healthy has long ceased to be boring, so we want you to discover together with Font Real Estate the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona, ​​bon apetit!


Xavier Pellicer Restaurant

Recognized as the Best Vegetable Restaurant on the entire planet. It is located in the heart of the Eixample. After winning a Michelin star, Xavier Pellicer closed the Celerí restaurant and opened this new place under his name. You will find dishes based on pink Barbastro tomato, zucchini and cauliflower, and a tagine with seasonal vegetables, masala infusion, kale and couscous. Without a doubt, it is considered the best vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona by experts.


Teresa Carles

It is one of the top vegetarian options. It is one of the oldest in Barcelona. This is one of those places where you take your most sceptical friend to end up begging you to come back another day. The interesting thing is the halfway between the traditional Spanish cuisine that Teresa Carles covers and turns into vegetarians. Signature cuisine is surprising, tasty and without dogmas. It introduces new trends in international vegetarian cuisine, such as ‘jackfruit’ (that fruit with a taste close to pork!) And ‘kombucha’. It is located in the Raval.


Flax & Kale

Possibly the best known vegetarian and flexitarian chain in Barcelona. Teresa Carles’ brother is this ambitious space that wants to bring together all trends in healthy cooking: you will find ‘raw food’, vegan, gluten-free dishes and also bluefish options. Defined as flexiterian – vegetables with a bit of good fish – one of their distinguishing features are superfoods. Pizzas, ice creams and pastries are among the most popular foods, but also sushi, salads, vegan burgers and bowls. Some of its headquarters are in the Gothic Quarter.



Their food is simple, delicious, and no-frills. A Mediterranean gastronomic proposal fused with touches of international cuisine. All the details are taken care of, in the food, in the decoration (crowned by Klöver murals) and in the attention. The star dish is a kind of vegan English-style combo dish, you must try their mythical fideuá, the vegan sausage with tofu scrambled and the star of their brunch, fake konja squid and quinoa croquettes among others. Located in the Raval neighborhood, animals are welcome here.


The Green Spot

It is the ideal option for the most foodies. The catchphrase: vegetarian cooking for vegetarians and those who are not. For those skeptics of vegetables, this restaurant offers more than 30 original, succulent and tempting dishes between appetizers, salads, dishes “of the world”, pasta, pizzas and desserts. His beautiful place in Barceloneta makes anyone fall in love.


Mangrove swamp

They are experts in turning the freshest products into haute cuisine. It is an original gastronomic space and Latin-Mediterranean cuisine with a young and very careful spirit. The food is healthy and of quality, cooking without any processed product and prioritizing local, seasonal and fresh ingredients. All dishes are marked to prevent intolerances, gluten-free varieties and vegan options. Located in the upper part of Barcelona.


Michelin star vegan restaurants

For the gourmets, we bring an extra. Here is a list of the vegetarian and vegan restaurants that have received Michelin Stars in Barcelona and the world.


Moments Restaurant at the Mandarín Oriental Hotel in Barcelona. Chef Raúl Balam with two Michelin stars. The tasting menu they are preparing, entitled Wonders of the World, will include a dish, called Machu Picchu, totally vegan. It is a 100% vegetable ceviche, inspired by the fact that Machu Picchu was also a center for astrological, scientific, and botanical research.


Cinc Sentits restaurant in Barcelona. Chef Jordi Artal with a Michelin star. It presents vegan haute cuisine dishes: Chestnut mushroom in a wood-fired oven with thyme crumbs and boletus. Totally vegan, since its ingredients are chestnut mushroom, typical of Montseny, where it is known as a castanyer gírgola, with thyme crumbs, mushrooms, mushrooms, onion pickled in pickled beet vinegar and garlic oil.


Joia restaurant in Milan. With a Michelin star and by chef Pietro Leemann. A door to the fondue of heaven, with almonds, pumpkin and truffle, mushroom stuffed turnip in bellevue, pine leaf mist, toasted pumpkin seeds and cauliflower sand.


Tian restaurant in Vienna. From Chef Paul Ivic, he is the only vegetarian in Austria with a Michelin star. He has a 6 or 8-course menu including carrot with buckwheat and rosehip; mushrooms with Fisser barley and resin; red corn, white corn, and Hogweed; Kale with celery and oyster mushroom, and red cabbage with juniper.


VeVe Restaurant in Copenhagen. With a Michelin star, it starts with a selection of snacks like soy meringues; Jerusalem artichoke, truffle, pumpkin, pear and chestnut chips and shiso or pomegranate salad, roses and olive oil accompanied by walnut bread, sourdough butter and oil; and followed by dishes like lion’s foot mushroom, truffle sauce and mushroom broth, and sauerkraut with horseradish.


The kitchen made only with 100% vegetable ingredients, without dairy, eggs or honey, has become a philosophy of life.


The consumption of meat is less and less, thanks to many factors, society is beginning to become aware of how negative it is to consume meat for our body and of the benefits of plant foods. We hope you enjoy these vegan and vegetarian proposals to start the change.


Salvador Font

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