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The villages of Maresme: The best kept secret

The villages of Maresme: The best kept secret

Maresme is the coastal area to the northeast of Barcelona and stands out for being a large region close to the city of Barcelona. Only 30 minutes from the big city, you could find tiny villages, especially those located in the coastal area of the region thanks to its beautiful beaches.

From Font Real Estate we offer many properties in the Maresme with an unbeatable location as they are the closest to the city of Barcelona and at the same time are surrounded by opportunities of the highest elite, like golf clubs, marinas and beautiful beaches to explore. This is why in today’s article we want to talk about the best villages in the Maresme.

The best Villages of Maresme

Next, as we have mentioned, we will discuss the best villages of the Maresme and why they are considered one of the best kept secrets in Catalonia.

Premià Del Dalt

The first Village we would like to highlight is Premià Del Dalt, which is considered to be one of the most privileged environments where you can enjoy nature while strolling along one of the many hiking trails overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It is also important to highlight that in Premia Del Dalt you can discover a great cultural and architectural heritage in the old town and all the surrounding farmhouses.

Sant Andreu de Llavaneres

The next village that we want to include in this small list of the best villages in the Maresme, is Sant Andreu de Llavaneres. This one stands out above all for the big contrast that you can find in its streets. This is due the architectural combination that is made between the most modern facilities and others of modernist style such as Ca l’ Alfaro. It is also important to highlight the great cultural and gastronomic heritage of this small town.

Sant Viçent Del Montalt

Another of the most important villages on the Maresme coast is Sant Viçent Del Montalt. It is located in the centre of the region, and stands out above all for its thin sandy beaches along the coastline. Sant Viçente Del Montalt is a town that is highlighted for being one of the most welcoming and also for being one of the most charming thanks to the big heritage, culture and nature that it offers its villagers. In addition, it also stands out for offering a route Known as “The route of the 3 Villas”, through which you can discover the great gastronomy and the long tradition of this town.


Matarò is the main town of Maresme, as it is the capital of this region, as a result of this, it has also become one of the most important.
Mataró not only stands out for its wide beaches but also for the large number of activities that can be done in this city. And for that reason is why Mataró is the perfect example of how to combine the oldest heritage with modernist works as “La Nave de Gaudí ” and the much more contemporary Mediterranean style.

Sant Pol de Mar.

The following village is Sant Pol de Mar. We have selected it because here you can find the best beaches of the Maresme coast and you could live in one of the best places to enjoy with your family. On the other hand, it is important to point out that Sant Pol de Mar, like the other villages mentioned above, also has a great cultural heritage and stands out above all for maintaining the essence of a fishing village.


The latest village we would like to mention is Alella. Although it is a village in the interior of the Maresme, it is also one of the most beautiful thanks to its vineyards, its hermitages and even castles. Alella is a millenary town with a great wine tradition and for this reason, visiting the wineries or going on tastings and walks has become one of the best activities to do in this great town. Moreover, it also stands out for being surrounded by a great natural landscape such as the Coastal Mountain Range Park.

From Font Real Estate we have a wide selection of properties to buy or rent in the best locations on the coast of Maresme, if you want to live in one of the most exclusive properties and designed to the last detail, do not hesitate to contact one of our agents.


Salvador Font

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