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Why Maresme Peas are the best and where can we taste them?

Why Maresme Peas are the best and where can we taste them?

At Font Real Estate we have already told you about the advantages of living on the Maresme Coast, just 30 km from Barcelona, but today we want to dedicate this article to one of its gastronomic jewels: the Maresme Peas.

If the Maresme area already offered us great advantages, and we gave you 5 reasons to move to live in Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, today we are going to give you one more, and we will tell you where you can taste the best peas in Maresme.

The best restaurants in Maresme to try peas

Before recommending the best restaurants to eat peas, we would like to point out that Maresme peas are a local variety also known as garrofal, which was exported to countries such as France as early as the 1930s. 

It is such a renowned product that it even has its own annual Gastronomic Day organized by the Consortium for the Promotion of Tourism Costa del Maresme. We definitely recommend visiting this area during the event to taste this product. 

If you want to see the properties we have for sale on the Maresme Coast, we recommend you to visit the following list: Houses for sale in Maresme.

Without further ado, here are the best restaurants where you can try the green pearl of Maresme. 

guisamtes maresme

L’ermita de Sant Pol de Mar

The restaurant L’ermita de Sant Pol de Mar is located in the Hotel Gran Sol in Sant Pol de Mar, 50 km from Barcelona. It is one of the restaurants participating in the Maresme Pea Gastronomic Days mentioned above, and we would therefore like to highlight it for its gastronomic offer, which combines local produce, market produce, and an elaborate wine list. 

Its star dish is grilled octopus with peas from the Maresme. However, it is only available in spring, the Maresme pea season. 

Can Suñe, Caldes d’Estrach 

The Restaurant Can Suñe is located in Caldes d’Estrach and is a restaurant that we should definitely recommend in this area as it offers traditional Catalan dishes of very good quality. 

In addition, they also participate in the Maresme Pea Gastronomic Days and have a special menu called “Pesolada Menu” available only during the dates of the event, so you can taste their versions with this high-quality product. 

Donde comer los guisantes del Maresme

Ca L’Estrany en Cabrils

Ca L’Estrany Restaurant is one of the most renowned restaurants on the Maresme coast and is located in an old Catalan farmhouse dating back to the 15th century. 

One of its strong points is its respect for local produce, both from the garden and from the sea, which is why its menu features truly delicious dishes with top quality products such as peas from the Maresme, broad beans, strawberries, etc.

Can Perich en Llavaneres

Last but not least, we would like to recommend the Restaurant Can Perich in the town of Llavaneres. This family restaurant offers homemade cuisine prepared with great care and traditionally. 

This restaurant also took part in this year’s Gastronomic Day of the Maresme Pea and offered a special menu with the green pearl as the protagonist. 

Have you already tried them?


Salvador Font

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