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Wood decoration, a fundamental element in our home

Wood decoration, a fundamental element in our home

Rustic, Nordic, and vintage decorations have been a trend until today, do you know what they have in common? The answer is in the material found in all of them: wood decoration. 

Today we want to talk about wood as a decorative element, this is becoming a decorative trend and one of the most admired materials by architects. The type of decoration that wood creates is organic, aesthetic, resistant, and easy to combine. In addition, wood helps to naturally warm up the environment where it is located, providing warmth, harmony, and wellbeing.  

Although it is true that a few details can be enough (a coffee table, a lamp, a sideboard …), we do not see wood only as small decorative elements, we can find it from entire houses and walls, to complete furniture. In this article, we tell you the keys to decorating with wood and how to use it in your home. 

Discover the decorative styles where wood wins

Nordic Style

This style, along with Scandinavian decorations, is a decorative trend. It is even starting to use the element of wood on walls and floors, which brings nature into homes. The woods, in this style, are characterized by being light, some with grayish color, and by being from trees such as pine, fir, and ash.

Rustic Style

In this style, in contrast to the Nordic style, wood is used together with vintage elements and is combined differently. In addition, the tone is darker, and aged wood and stone walls predominate.

Oriental Style

This style also creates an atmosphere of calm and tranquility, it is characterized mainly by having small decorative elements with wood in both natural and off-white tones combined with other softer tones such as mint green. 

How to include natural wood in your decoration

Wood has always been found in furniture and doors, providing a sense of warmth and natural touch. Currently, wood has begun to be used in more elements to reinforce this feeling that relaxes a home, and nothing is warmer and cozier than using it in floors, walls, and furniture. The warmth that wood brings to floors and walls is indisputable and gives a feeling of absolute peace, adding a touch of Nordic decor. 

Do you want to include natural wood in your decoration? Here you will find ideas to inspire you that will give a lot of play to the look of your home.

Structural elements

The use of structural elements such as walls and doors is a very elegant and classic way to include natural wood in your decoration. Not only will they give a minimalist touch to your home, but they will also help you to separate different spaces, giving a warm and calm touch. 

Little details

If you prefer to break the monotony of colors in your home, a very good option is to incorporate wood in small elements of your environment, a very good example would be to use built-in wooden shelves.

The furniture

Another simple way to incorporate wood into your decor without the need for renovations and still create a warm and peaceful atmosphere is through furniture. A good example would be the use of wooden tables and a wooden plank illuminated with a side table. Remember that with wood it is possible to create romanticism and tranquility in your home, do not give up on it.

The accesories

Wooden accessories can turn your space into an elegant environment, lamps made with tree trunks, chests of drawers, or even ornaments carved in wood. Tableware and table sets are also a very original and creative way to include touches of wood in your decor.


Avoiding the use of natural wood in your decoration with accessories would be a mistake, it is where this material gives more play. With a minimum investment in mirror frames, doors or pictures, they will make any room look different. 

What do you think of the element of wood as decoration? This is basic in any Scandinavian style home, do you join the most eco-trend of decoration? Let’s take to closer the benefits.

Wooden interiors: The benefits

Natural materials and the feeling of connection with nature provide a touch of warmth and incredible well-being. Let’s look at the three basic benefits of using wood indoors:

  • There is research showing that natural elements, such as wood in interiors, produce physiological and psychological benefits similar to spending time in nature itself.
  • Design based on nature and wood helps lower blood pressure and heart rate, reduce anxiety and stress, and increase positive social interactions.
  • Wood helps address climate change, as at least 50% of wood’s dry weight is carbon.

Salvador Font

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