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The interior design of luxury properties

The interior design of luxury properties

Design vs. Decoration?

Contrary to what the majority of people may think, interior design is vastly different from interior decoration; designers may decorate but decorators do not design (at least not to the extent of a designer). Interior design is the art and science of understanding people’s behaviours to create functional spaces within a building.   

The interior design of a property is unmistakeably important in giving a home its status and overall character. It is all about enhancing spaces and environments through finding creative design solutions, whilst supporting the needs of its occupants, improving their quality of life and experience of their home.

Luxury interior design is all in the attention to detail.

The design of indoor spaces of luxurious, high-end properties focuses on top of line products such as expensive furniture, glamorous antiques or opulent artwork. The key to designing an interior that meets “luxury” status is attention to detail and careful consideration of the finishes. Without pointing out the obvious, the main theme or concept in luxury design is luxury: to make the idea strong and consistently believable to the eyes, every detail must be carefully thought out and the luxury theme applied consistently.

A well-executed, luxury room will be designed around an architectural focal point such as a large, elegant fireplace, piece of art or a view through the window. The focal point is the first thing the eye sees when entering the room and so in terms of interior design, has the function of grabbing the user´s initial attention. Putting the spotlight on one of these elements will help create a visually interesting and pleasing interior.

Recent luxury interior design trends

As fashion trends change so do interior design tastes; it’s very important for a designer to understand changing tastes and the direction they’re headed. Swiftly into the second half of the decade and not far from the next one, emerging design trends continue to reaffirm the focus on creating living spaces tailored to meet the needs of individuals. Design fads of previous decades are disappearing and there is an ever-growing focus on the need to suit the individual’s needs and circumstances.

Sustainability continues to be a buzzword in the industry, inspiring designers to think more about the environmental consequences of their material selection as well as simply their aesthetic consequences. Locally sourced products and materials and ‘artisanal’ pieces are also becoming more prominent in the industry.

The luxury materials that designers work with are constantly shifting but the most recent trend that has emerged over the past few years is the desire to exude a timeless and authentic quality that some modern materials cannot match. We are seeing older materials such as brass and gold, artisanal glass creating and traditional fabrics making a come back with a 21st century twist. The key here is creating modern designs whilst not losing authenticity.

Statements of individualism and the desire to express the style preferences of the individual are becoming more and more popular, with oversized coffee tables or vintage light fixtures being good examples of this trend. With the growing trend of a more interesting minimalism, expect to see just a couple examples of these kind of features in each room in an ambition to avoid clutter.

In line with the trend of creating a more interesting minimalism, people are placing more importance on using light and space to their advantage, establishing more of a connection between the interior and outside space. In many luxury properties now it is possible to see that big windows with green views or even indoor trees are being made the ´focal points´.

Interior design in our properties from Font Real Estate

At Font Real Estate we take pride in understanding the importance in offering properties with interior designs that exude luxury from start to finish, and using the space and light to create aesthetically appealing environments, ultimately to improve the occupants experience of their home, with innovative designs and luxury finishes.

Luxury home in Supermaresme

Luxury Interior Design - Supermaresme

One of our most exceptional and stunning properties along Barcelona’s north coast is this tastefully-designed luxury mansion. It is simply the artist’s dream, immaculately thought out down to the last detail. The curved walls, high ceilings and large windows work to harmoniously merge together the interior of the house with its external environment which is embellished by fountains and blessed with uninterrupted, panoramic views. The overall effect of this is creating a luxurious sense of spaciousness throughout the property.

Discover the Spanish luxury home of your dreams here

Magnificent mansion in the exclusive neighbourhood of Pedralbes, Barcelona

Luxury Interior Design - Pedralbes

Our newly renovated mansion is the perfect example of a modern property with a timeless feel. Original features from the year of its constructions have been kept, such as doors, lighting fixtures and antique fireplace. The essence of the original design has been tastefully maintained during its restoration into a property with modern features to enhance the end-users experience of it.

Learn more about this luxury property in Pedralbes here.

Unique, exclusive property with a classic and sophisticated feel

Luxury Interior Design - Beethoven

This beautifully unique luxury property on the outskirts of Barcelona uses dark wood in almost all of its finishes from floors to tables to shelves, giving the house a classic and sophisticated character. You can see vintage elements throughout the house, for example in lamps, elaborate light fixtures and archetypical, classical furniture.

Light and space has been attentively considered in the interior design, with skylights in parts of the property and most rooms converge to the garden making it accessible from most parts of the house. The overall effect of this is creating a green and spacious environment even from within the house. Another prominent feature is the Japanese yard in the centre of the property; a cube natural light allowing plenty of light to reach the dining room and kitchen.

Beautiful, renovated attic apartment with vintage touches, in the centre of Barcelona

Luxury Interior Design Barcelona
Luxury Interior Design Barcelona

Renovated just one year ago and finished with tasteful furnishings is this charming top-floor apartment, on the most exclusive avenue of Barcelona. It is a beautifully spacious and bright apartment that auspiciously brings together different styles of interior design, in everything from the flooring to the furniture. You can see stoneware floors in the common areas, parquet floors in the bedrooms and vintage-style tiles in the bathrooms and kitchen.

The attention to detail in this property is impeccable, with its high ceilings with typical vintage moulds handcrafted into them, velvet and silk finishes in the chairs and mirror frames adorned in gold leaf. This property emanates luxury and charm from start to finish.

See this spectacular flat in Avenida Diagonal, Barcelona, here

Discover more of the different styles of interior design that define our exclusive properties in Barcelona.


Salvador Font

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