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Advantages of living in a rural house in Catalonia.

Advantages of living in a rural house in Catalonia.

Over the years many people have chosen or considered moving out of the big cities and into quieter and smaller towns. As a consequence of the hectic pace, pollution and hustle and bustle, it is becoming increasingly common for many families to find living in a rural home a great alternative and decide to move away from the cities.

If you are one of those people who are thinking of moving, in today’s article we will discuss the most important advantages of living in a rural house in Catalonia.

The best villages near Barcelona to live in.

Before discussing the most important benefits, we consider mentioning some of the best rural and quiet places to live in.

El Masnou.

The first place we want to highlight is Masnou. This is one of the most beautiful fishing towns in the Maresme region and stands out above all for being very close to the city of Barcelona. Although it is the smallest and more remote village, you could enjoy not only the tranquillity of the place thanks to its beaches, but also the shops, the supermarkets, and even the civic centre.

Font Real Estate offers a wide selection of properties to buy or rent in the best locations on the coast of El Maresme.


Sitges is another town that we would like to stand out, and it is probably one of the more charming sea villages in the area of all Catalonia. This coastal city belongs to the province of Barcelona and is surrounded by Garraf natural park and you can enjoy its beaches as well as the seafront promenade and its small streets to get lost in.


The last place we would like to mention is the village of Pals located on the Coast Brava, which has become one of the most beautiful places on the coast. Pals stands out above all for being a medieval village and although it has no great monuments or museums, a stroll through all its stone streets is a perfect plan as you can enjoy its gothic buildings.

In addition, it is important to note that on the Costa Brava, and specifically in Pals, you can find great houses and enjoy some of the most beautiful Catalan beaches in the Mediterranean.

Advantages of living in a rural house

As we have commented before and after having mentioned the three more beautiful villages where to live, we are going to talk about the advantages of living in a rural house in Catalonia.

Better quality of life

One of the more important advantages is that living in a rural house will improve your life quality, thanks to the peace and quiet it provides. Tranquility is one of the first reasons why a lot of families decide to leave behind the city and live in a quiet place stress-free.

Being in contact with nature

Being in contact with nature is another of the most significant advantages of living in a rural house, as being in a natural environment generates a lot of comfort, calm and tranquility. In addition, and in relation to the first advantage mentioned above, the change from a city to a rural location and the fact of being in contact with nature also provides great wellbeing to the body due to the better quality of the air that is breathed and the food that is consumed.

Healthier way of life

Finally,it is important to highlight that the fact of living in a rural house and therefore in a natural environment provide us a healthier way of life. This is mainly due to changes in and, as mentioned above, air quality. Living in a rural house helps you to reduce stress, to stop living so fast, and to choose for a much more natural diet.



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