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Luxury dining plans to enjoy in Barcelona (PART I)

Luxury dining plans to enjoy in Barcelona (PART I)

Modernist, cosmopolitan, lively, … Barcelona can be defined in many ways and all of them refer to cultural and tourist spirit that watches over the city both. The Catalan capital is a city for everyone, but you can not miss know it from a totally unique view: discover the luxury Barcelona!
If you want to discover the city and live a different experience, one of the ideal ways to do that you are enjoying some exclusive plans that the city offers.
From Font Real Estate, we invite you to discover 3 plans to meet the most exclusive side of the Catalan capital in the most prestigious restaurants and bars in the city.

Prestige restaurants

1. Xemei, the Venetian restaurant in El Poble-Sec

Xemei restaurante barcelona
Italian cuisine and views from the heights of Montjuïc
The Xemei restaurant is an exponent of the high Venetian cuisine in Barcelona run by two charismatic twins, just over ten years ago decided to open a small space in the Poble-Sec, a restaurant thanks to word of mouth has become a corner of worship. And from that Patti Smith said in his day: “These People Have the Power”.
The Xemei produces exceptional cuisine, which participates in the will of the chefs to show the world the particularities of the regional cuisine of his beloved Venice Area, and a raw material chosen with a mixture of good taste, intuition and work. It is a small room decorated with recycled furniture, with a pleasant terrace and without fuss.

Unusual Italian dishes and recognized in the world

The great feature of this Italian restaurant is not serving lasagna or pasta with puttanesca sauce, carbonara or bolognese. Nor is a pizzeria. Is a restaurant of contemporary Venetian cuisine where the only meat they serve is Lleida’s goatling and Beef tartare from Netherland because, as clarified by the chef, Max Colombo: “In Spain there is no beef, anyone tell you otherwise.”

Vegetables, depending on the season, the young horticulturists get Prat and Maresme.
Fish and seafood are also part of your letter and find cold dishes or sauces, such as Frutti di Mare or the Venetian -a base poached onions for hours and topped with anchovies salazón-. So in Xemei they go beyond when offering good dishes with just the right touch of creativity and good service.

In the Xemei you can taste excellent recipes from in a particular part of Italy, prepared with a very sharp taste and clear ideas marked by a personality who dreams of food.
The Xemei Venetian restaurant is located on the Paseo de la Exposición 85, Barcelona. For more details about schedule and menu, you are welcome to contact the restaurant through its website.

2. The Enoteca, a Mediterranean tradition restaurant with 2 stars Michelin:

enoteca restaurante barcelona

Haute cuisine menus prepared by the Catalan chef Paco Pérez

Located in the Hotel Arts in Barcelona, the Enoteca is one of the most glamorous restaurants in Barcelona. Paco Perez has managed to leave its stamp and expertise in this great local crowned with 2 Michelin stars, where every detail is cared.

Discover the heart and soul of contemporary Mediterranean cuisine in the Enoteca restaurant, run by renowned chef Paco Pérez Catalan.
Inspired by the food and fresh produce of the Mediterranean, the innovative cuisine of Paco Perez condenses the essence of local ingredients, with a special emphasis on fish and seafood. What first strikes in the Enoteca, apart from its incredible decor and windows, is its wine list with a wine cellar containing over 700 wines and the professionalism of its staff, passionate about his work.

The three pillars of the kitchen of Paco Perez:

In the Enoteca in Barcelona, the chef Paco Perez is faithful to its principles based on the freshness of the sea and the essence of Mediterranean seasonal products that provide us with the garden and the mountain. The cuisine offers us an interpretation of the current traditional cuisine with innovative touches.
A philosophy based on the quality of the raw material, in the simplicity and elegance, as well as innovation and creativity of each dish.

The gastronomy experience of Paco Perez is touched by the three pillars that support the Mediterranean cuisine: olive oil, wheat and wine. They all happen masterfully through the menu. The extra virgin olive oil, as the highest representative permeates each of the creations. Wheat, like a big star, shines in the menu. And wine as an essential accompaniment, with a balanced wine to pair the exquisite experience.

The creative vision of Paco Perez; its cuisine that combines modernism and tradition and the work of the whole team to offer the best service – with the chef Aitor Fernandez – make the Enoteca, awarded with two Michelin stars, one of the best choices of Mediterranean cuisine in Barcelona .

Thus, among the dishes that will enjoy, are the lobster ravioli, very fine and delicate cuts of bluefin tuna and oriental nuances, a dish with a great product and fair development for every bite was perfect, souvenirs Thai and shrimp, with fish just right, very refreshing and original with its Asian touches, the orchard and Foi gras, a delicious foie gras grilled accompanied by a selected vegetables or Sabayone herbal creams and lemon, a dish with different flavors and textures … and the desserts, we will enjoy a very original fact, a chocolate dessert named “by Tarantino” surprise the diner to break it takes. The dish is flooded with liquid raspberry red.

Enoteca restaurant is located on the first floor of Hotel Arts in Carrer de la Marina, 19. For more information and for reservations, click here.

3. Enjoy an unforgettable evening at the Torre Rosa, the most stylish bar in Barcelona:

Torre Rosa bar Barcelona
‘His name means “tower of pink,” and this is possibly the most beautiful bar in Barcelona. It is located in a 19th century mansion with a beautiful courtyard full of trees and palms. Their cocktails are handmade classic drinks.
We recommend you try the aranés Bosc: Bacardi lemon, orange juice and grapefruit syrup. Very refreshing for these days so hot.

Torre Rosa offers from twenty years ago, a fine selection of cocktails own creation. In addition to exhibitions of different artistic aspects.
We left the city center to get to this corner of the Congrés neighborhood where this stylish bar has already become one of the most traditional cocktail bars in the city.

A huge cocktail menu for all tastes
The motives? From its location in a nice neighborhood and relax at his terrace, the menu with more than 50 cocktails becomes infinite in the imagination of the barman, always ready to create fancy stuff out of menu to consumer tastes.

In addition, a letter of gin and tonics premium that is ultimately triumphing of Brogkmann’s with Fever Tree and strawberries.
Another attraction of Torre Rosa is that on Sundays, bread with tomato, sausages and cheeses appointment with anchovies and other tapas, to match your cocktail and vermouth are given. Quite a claim.

You can check out the list of different cocktails here.

Thus, the luxury offerings are very present in Barcelona, original offers and enable you to discover haute cuisine in one of the most important cities in Europe.


Salvador Font

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