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Modernist Architecture Route: You Shouldn’t Miss

Modernist Architecture Route: You Shouldn’t Miss

In today’s article, we want to talk about one of the most important artistic movements that have left its mark on the city of Barcelona, the modernist architecture and its route through the streets of Barcelona. If you are a lover of the impressive works of Gaudí, Domènech i Montaner or Puig i Cadafalch, you certainly can not miss this article.

We will give you the keys to make one of the most fascinating routes of the city of Barcelona, on your own or in an organized way, and what are the main buildings, houses, and monuments of the modernism route in Barcelona.

Modernist Architecture: Characteristics

What are the Characteristics of Modernist Architecture?

To determine the characteristics of modernist architecture, we must begin by commenting briefly on how modernist architecture arose. It is an artistic movement that appeared at the end of the 19th century as a reaction to industrialization. 

The industrial revolution and technology caused standardization of production processes, and it is precisely here where the emergence of modernist architecture responded to the uniformity and monotony of the environment with more refined forms that balanced functionality, beauty, and lightness. In this way, modernist architecture managed to create more pleasant, elegant, modern, and cheerful urban environments and buildings. 

The characteristics of modernist architecture are intrinsically related to its time and despite wanting to flee from the industrialization and rigid aesthetics that we have discussed above, the vast majority of the materials used are related to the industrial revolution such as glass, steel, and wrought iron. However, these elements in combination create a magnificent balance between art and design that only the artists of the time knew how to create. 

Another interesting characteristic of this movement is the inspiration in nature, claiming the fantasy and free imagination of the artist, allowing licenses that break with the past, such as the use of curved and sinuous lines, playing with the volume that marks all the constructions of modernist architecture. 

We cannot fail to highlight one of the most important characteristics of modernist architecture, and that is the integration of art in its totality. That is, in modernist architecture art is integrated into all aspects of life: from farms or houses to the elements of interior decoration such as doors, furniture, and outside with the design of modernist gardens and balconies. 

But this does not stop there, modernist architecture has given us spectacular subway stations, furniture, and decorative lamps, jewelry, etc… 

The modernism route in Barcelona

The city of Barcelona and its history is linked to modernism and its great architectural works. That is why we recommend discovering Barcelona through one of the most interesting tourist routes if you are a lover of art, culture, and architecture: the route of modernism in Barcelona. 

The main works of the most important modernist architects of the country are concentrated in Barcelona, and that is why it is possible to visit them on your own or through a guided tour. The Barcelona Tourist Office organizes a walking tour “A panoramic view of modernism” of approximately 2 hours, which also includes the entrance to the Casa Ametller.  

If you prefer to visit the modernist estates on your own, we explain below where to find them and detail the list of modernist buildings in Barcelona:

In the Eixample neighborhood you will find the Quadrat d’Or, a walk considered an open-air museum that will allow you to visit Casa Batlló, La Pedrera, La Casa Comalat, La Casa Lleó and Morera, Casa Amatller and Palau de Quadres. 

In the Ciutat Vella neighborhood, we also find another very significant building: the Palau de la Música by Lluis Domènech i Montaner, declared World Heritage by UNESCO. From the same architect, we cannot fail to highlight another of his great masterpieces of modernism: the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Santa Pau.

Last but not least, we cannot fail to mention the Expiatory Temple of the Sagrada Familia, better known as the Sagrada Familia. Undoubtedly considered the great masterpiece of the modernist architect Antoni Gaudí. 

From Font Real Estate, we want to show you one of our spectacular apartments for sale located in a modernist-style property in Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona. A unique jewel for those who appreciate the exclusivity of living in a work of art.

Modernist Architecture Route

Who are the most important representatives of modernist architecture?

As we have indicated above, modernist architecture is an artistic movement that had a global influence in different countries with regional variations and where the modernist movement is known by other names such as Art Nouveau in France, Modern Style in the United Kingdom, Jugendstil in Germany or Sezessionstil in Austria.

Below, we will mention the greatest exponents of modernist architecture:

Gaudí y el modernismo en Barcelona

the best exponents of modernist architecture: Gaudí, Barcelona

Fuente: Wikipedia

Throughout the article, we have already mentioned some great works of the Catalan architect such as the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, or La Pedrera. And we must emphasize that 7 of Antoni Gaudi’s works are considered World Heritage by UNESCO and 6 of these great works of art are located in the city of Barcelona as part of the route of modernism that we mentioned above.

The work of Antoni Gaudi is undoubtedly the most important exponent of modernist architecture and his personal interpretation of modernism endowed with genius, innovation, and creative freedom that are reflected in the city of Barcelona.

William Morris, Reino Unido

the best exponents of modernist architecture: William Morris, United Kingdom

Fuente: Wikipedia

If we talk about modernism in the United Kingdom we cannot fail to mention one of its great representatives in this country and founder of the Arts and Crafts movement characterized by the enhancement of traditional craftsmanship against the dehumanized production of industrialization. His style is mainly decorative, creating furniture, textiles, and other items in a simple and handmade way.

Frank Lloyd Wright, USA

the best exponents of modernist architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright, USA

Fuente: Wikipedia

One of the great icons of 20th-century architecture is undoubtedly the master Frank Lloyd Wright. With more than 24 works declared World Heritage by UNESCO, he is the representative and pioneer of organic architecture.

A concept that aims to develop an architectural style of its own and free of any previous style, integrating interior and exterior spaces and open spaces without delimitation and including nature as part of a total work of art. If William Morris is credited with the Arts and Crafts movement, Lloyd is the exponent of The Prairie School architectural style.


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