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The Best Resorts in Costa Brava

The Best Resorts in Costa Brava

Costa Brava is composed of a group of municipalities in the province of Girona in Catalonia, ranging from Blanes to Portbou. They are crystalline beaches bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. It is known for having an exceptional climate, without extreme temperatures, and surrounded by an endless number of coves, each one more beautiful and special. 

If you are interested in taking a trip to the incredible beaches of Costa Brava, we would recommend you to stay in a resort, as you will not have to worry about anything else, only about your rest and peacefulness.

Even though tourism has been affected by the current situation with the covid crisis, if you need to disconnect and find a place of comfort and rest, we recommend staying in a resort. It is an area where you will be in contact with few people and away from the population. They also have the cleanliness and security measures to deal with this virus.

Unas vacaciones en los mejores Resort de la cosa Brava
Piscina Resort Costa Brava

What features should a luxury resort have?

First of all, let’s start by explaining the main differences between a hotel and a resort. Both offer very exclusive services aimed at customer satisfaction and comfort. Resorts are tourist complexes located in natural environments at specific places away from the city, such as the beach or the mountains, with leisure and sports facilities. They offer all the necessary services so that you do not have to leave the premises. 

In contrast to hotels, resorts are aimed at longer stays. Hotels are usually located in cities and while many provide additional services, their main function is to offer a room to accommodate the guest and are aimed at short stays.

Some of the features that should differentiate a luxury resort include:

  • Sports facilities: In addition to offering a gym and swimming pool, luxury resorts offer other types of facilities, such as tennis courts, paddle tennis, and golf courses.
  • Shopping: Luxury Resorts offer a space dedicated to the sale of clothing and apparel so that you can find everything you need without leaving the resort.
  • Activities and leisure: The resorts offer all kinds of shows and activities to make your stay as fun as possible. From directed aquatic activities, dance classes, concerts, discos, children’s shows, theaters and workshops, theme parties.
  • Wellness and Spa: For the relaxation and well-being of its residents, a good luxury resort should have Spa room, massage, Jacuzzi, and sauna, as a minimum.
  • Restaurants: A resort must offer a great variety of gastronomy.  Many restaurants with different tastes and themes. You can find the star dishes of the area in which the resort is located.  In Costa Brava you must-have Mediterranean food.
  • Water Park: Not every resort is going to offer these facilities. This space is more oriented to beach resorts. The resort pools have slides for the fun and entertainment of its guests.
  • Exclusive beaches: A basic feature of a luxury resort is to have a private beach for the enjoyment and relaxation of its guests, where they can enjoy the sunsets and the tranquility offered by the sea.
  • Excursions: The resort must have a portfolio of excursions for guests who want to know the main of the city where they are staying. This type of activity allows knowing monuments of the area, culture, and inhabitants, customs, gastronomy, landscapes, etc.
  • Private transportation: Cars to transfer guests from the airport to the resort. Trolleys or jeeps for guests to move around the resort. Buses for excursions offered.

Recommended resorts in Costa Brava

Below, we will recommend 3 resorts that are well located on the Costa Brava. They have excellent facilities and offer a wide range of activities. 

However, if you have fallen in love with the Costa Brava and would like to enjoy a yearly beach vacation inviting friends and family to your property, you may be interested in buying a property in this area. Check out our portfolio of Costa Brava houses for sale.

Costa Beach Beach & Golf Resort

Located in the town of Pals, a historical monumental complex consisting of the castle, tower, and medieval wall in Gerona, located near several coastal towns. If you like quiet and charming villages, we recommend you to visit them. 

This resort is a holiday complex for people who want to enjoy the sea and nature. It offers a wide variety of activities and services to ensure that your stay is as fun as possible and that you enjoy a great experience.

Its indoor facilities are intended to offer services such as:

  • Nightclub
  • Massage cabin, sauna, and changing rooms.
  • Gameroom.
  • Children’s room.
  • Gymnasium.
  • TV Room.

In its outdoor facilities, we can find elements such as:

  • Golf course, paddle tennis, tennis, ping pong tables, artificial grass soccer field, and petanque.
  • Tropical swimming pool and children’s pool.
  • Playgrounds for children.
  • Direct access to the beach and open nautical activities.
  • Indoor and outdoor parking.
Ven y disfruta de las Maravillosas playas de la costa Brava
Preciosas playas de la Costa Brava

Arenas Resort Giverola

Located in the Giverola’s Cove in Tossa de Mar. Coastal village on the Costa Brava in Girona. Small and quiet village, surrounded by coves and sea. It offers spectacular scenery as it has a medieval wall that surrounds the main beach.

The resort is in a nature reserve, situated on a hill with fantastic views of the sea. It offers a wide range of entertainment, sports and leisure services. Every week they prepare a different theme to enliven your stay. It includes grocery and sports stores, laundry service, and an ATM inside the resort.

If you decide to stay at this resort on the Costa Brava you will be able to enjoy the following services:

  • Swimming pool with water slides and games.
  • Children’s playgrounds.
  • Leisure room with mini-golf and billiards, ping pong, and table soccer. 
  • Relaxation center with heated pool, spa, solarium, massage room.
  • A wide variety of bars and restaurants. 
Disfruta de unas vacaciones en el Resort de Lujo de Tosa de Mar, Costa Brava
Playa y muralla Tosa de Mar

Hapimag Resort Mas Nou

Located at Platja d’Aro in Girona in the heart of the Costa Brava, with more than 2 km of beach and many coves. The resort is located in the middle of the golf course. It offers a spectacular view of both the sea and the mountains. Perfect if you need to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

The resort organizes evening entertainment activities to liven up the evenings and enjoy a fun time. In addition, they offer care and attention services for the elderly and children, as well as transfer to Platja d’Aro.

Some of the most important facilities are:

  • Golf course.
  • Outdoor swimming pool, indoor swimming pool, and children’s pool.
  • Spa and sauna room.
  • Youth Club.
  • Fitness room.
  • Restaurant, which typical dishes of the area.

Knowing the best resorts on the Costa Brava, you can choose your luxury vacation to relax and enjoy the wonders of this area, so close to Barcelona. 


Salvador Font

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